All About Chatbots

Chatbot- What it is & why it is so important


What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot (Sometimes referred as a bot, chatterbot, smart bot or talkbot) is a computer program which conducts a conversation with humans via textual, auditory or visual methods. They chat with users, interpret their questions, understand user’s intent & respond very effectively on the basis of a question asked by the users. It helps in growing User Experience & ROI. Nowadays, Chatbots are widely accepted by all Sized Business. So let us discuss their work process & the importance of Chatbots in the below-mentioned segments.


How does a Chatbot work?

Basically, the work of a Chatbot can be divided into two core tasks - User Request Analysis & Returning the Response.

Whenever a User asks for a question from a Chatbot, the Chatbot understands the intent of users query & then respond the best answer can be for that question or query. Responses of a Chatbot can be:

• A predefined text

• A content retrieved from a Database that contains diverse answers

• A contextualized snippet of data on the data the user has given

• The result of an activity that the Chatbot performed by interacting with at least one backend application

• A disambiguating question that helps the Chatbot to accurately comprehend the Users demand


Why Chatbots are Important?

Chatbots are important & gaining the trust of many businesses & users due to many reasons, some of them are given below:

·         Chatbots can increase user engagement multiple times.

·         The immediate availability is the best feature of a Chatbot which enhances the user experience as well as engagement too.

·         Its 24*7 availability is a key factor to drive sales many times.

·         Last but not the least implementation cost of a Chatbot is very low & the return is very high.

These some are the reason why Chatbots are gaining popularity & have a bright future scope.


Facts about Chatbots?

As we know Chatbots are gaining popularity. But I heard that, in many countries, people are obsessed with Chatbot & love them potentially. let us find some other fascinating facts about Chatbots.

·         Most Chatbot Conversations Start with “Hi”.

·         People are ready to talk to Chatbots.

·         Users are ready to buy things via Chatbots.

·         People want to contact Retailers via Chat.

·         Users want recommendations from Chatbots.


What are the common Misconceptions about Chatbots?

Lots of misconception and rumors about Chatbots in the air Some of them are wrong & some are written in the wrong manner. So, here we are introducing you with the most common/popular misconceptions about Chatbots:

Chatbots are only text-based: It's not correct. Most of the people thought that Chatbots are only text-based or follow some specific text

rules. But there are a variety of voice-based Chatbots are available in the market & many Businesses are using them efficiently.

Chatbots will replace employees: No, not possible till now. The purpose of creating Chatbot is to enhance user experience & to provide

the 24*7 availability for customer support.

All Chatbots use artificial intelligence: No, not all the Chatbots use artificial intelligence. Even some of the rule-based Chatbots are

designed to use for specific purposes & they do not need any kind of AI for them.

Building a Chatbot is easier than building an app: No doubt Building an app is a tough job but Chabot creation also takes time & it's

very hard to develop & lots of rules & conditions involved in this process. The Chatbot should understand user intent clearly & have specific

response methodology to give a proper response. So, a Chatbot creation is a very complex task which takes a lot of time & logical work


In Conclusion, we can say that Chatbots are playing a vital role in our Business as well as personal life. They are gaining popularity across the world & will be the future of Human & website services engagement. You can ask anything about the Chatbots in our comment section & write us on - for consultation & support.