Best SEO Tools

Best SEO Tools & Extensions

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vast branch of Online Marketing. It involves lots of activities & Thousands of free or paid SEO tools are available for different activities, such as website audit tools, duplicate content checking tools, website speed tester, backlink checker etc. But finding a free SEO tool which is able to give the right stats, results or reports is hard to find because some of them are inappropriate and does not produce the required/relevant output. To overcome this problem, we are here with the best & free SEO tools available for different activities. Find the best SEO Tools & their uses in the section below:


1). Google Webmaster: Yes, The Google Webmaster tool from Google is the best SEO tool I have ever used. It provides you with enough information about your website's issues, traffic, improvements, queries and lots more. I think this tool is enough to resolve all the website issues.


2). Google Analytics: Another tool from Google, which provides you, all the information/stats about Website visitors, their spent time over website & their behavior. You can understand your audience and set your goals accordingly through this useful tool.


3). Seoptimer: A website audit tool which gives you details about all type of website issues such as, Content issues, link issues, performance issues, security issues.


4). Seo Review Tools: This is a package of all SEO tools such as SEO authority tools, Technical SEO tools, Content tools & Social media tools. It's a complete package which provides a complete support to every individual SEO expert as well as a company.


5). Copyscape: Best tool to identify duplicate content through text as well as URLs. Just copy & paste the text or URL you want to check and see the results quickly.


6). sitemap generator: A simple tool to generate sitemaps automatically. Just paste your URL, set priorities of web pages and get your sitemap easily.


7). link explorer by Moz: Link explorer is the best tool developed by Moz to identify the backlinks available for a particular domain, authority of the domain and page authority of any specific page. You can track your domain/brand growth easily.


8). SEM rush: The best tool I have ever found in paid or free SEO tools. It provides you with all the issues & improvements needed for a website. You can analyze a website's health, competitors and social platforms. It provides a platform to compare your website with its competitors for particular keywords. It gives you the website improvement suggestions as well. Paid users can enjoy all the features of it easily but free account users have a limited opportunity to use it. For example, you can just add ten keywords and can find few backlinks.


To make SEO easy and effective SEO experts use chrome extensions. Some of them are very useful and gives able to give you an extra boost in your performance. You can find the important extensions below:


1). Alexa: Useful tool to find any website traffic rank, speed status easily.

2). Moz: Get immediate DA of PA & spam details of any website.

3). Grammarly: Correct your spell & grammar errors online.

4). Fireshot: Take a screenshot of any useful information quickly.

5). Link miner: Quickly identify the number of links on a particular page & how many of them are broken.

6). Sticky notes: Create your important notes & record important things within your browser with this useful chrome extension.


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