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BI (Business Intelligence); we are here talking about one of the vast category of computer software solutions which is helpful for a company or organization to enable the insight of critical operations through applications and analysis tools.

A business cannot survive in the long run without having good business intelligence or analytics. In this rapidly changing world we got to ascertain various aspects of a business that is where these tools come into the picture. It helps a business grow with no limits. It empowers people to make faster decisions by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business process through embedded reporting and analytic platform.

We at Kanak recommend different embedded or integrated analytic tools for their custom apps, web solution or enterprise solutions.

Now, if we come to the term that What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics? Then we can elaborate as.

Difference between Business Intelligence And Business Analytics

Business Intelligence Business Analytics
BI has largely come to represent a set of technologies which helps organizations to make a decision. Analysis is the process of breaking something down into its constituent elements for the purpose of understanding the whole.
Business Intelligence encompasses analytics. Data Analytics is the process of asking questions.
Business Intelligence can also be used to describe the tools, strategies and plans. Analytics tools are deployed when a company wants to try and forecast what will happen in the future.
Business Intelligence refers to the process that is undertaken by companies in order to learn from the data. Analytic tools helps to collect the data to be analyzed.

What We Offer:

Jasper Soft: Jasper Soft Business Intelligence Solution – One of the Flexible, Affordable and best proven BI suit. It provides a complete range of robust and scalable business intelligence capabilities including reporting, dashboards, analysis, and data integration services for both stand-alone and embedded BI requirements.

We at Kanak InfoSystems make best use of Jaspersoft so that you can receive analytics report from various disciplines of your business so that it becomes a easy, flawless, integrated and off course cost-effective process. We would integrate Production based analytics, Large data analytics, Cloud analytics, Mobile analytics with Jaspersoft business intelligence suit.

Tableau: In today's economic environment every organizations must need to use a business intelligence (BI) to make smarter, faster decisions. For this Tableau can help anyone to see and understand their business analytic data. As this is an intuitive visualization tool so it enables you to drag and drop different elements and create visually appealing executive dashboards to measure business performance against key KPIs.

With Tableau, we help our clients with self-service BI that enables them to analyze, visualize and communicate information in the most effective way possible.

Microsoft Power BI: Microsoft Power BI is an interactive data visualization BI tool, which deliver insights throughout your organization. We at Kanak InfoSystems help you in developing end to end solution which is tailor-made to suit your business needs.

Our Microsoft Power BI Services, is a complete self-service BI package; for your organization data it is now possible irrespective of data storage place whether on-premises, on the cloud or anywhere else in the network, we have ability of new data discovery and analysis of the same.

Spago BI: Our professional Spago Business Intelligence service includes replies to questions concerning the proper use of SpagoBI suite and its features, provided according to a specific service level through an on-line support tool.

Talend: Talend is a real time open source big data integration software; we are offering Talend services. With the rich experience in implementing and integration Talend software we offer various complex data integration from different data sources.

With the ability of strong functional expertise we deliver highly cost effective delivery across the globe with 24x7 technical/functional/operational support.

Zoho: Powerful online reporting and business intelligence service, ZOHO is a smartest tool with an intuitive knowledge and have drag-and-drop interface that enables in-depth analysis and easy reporting.

Specially, for small organizations who just starting out with analytics, self-service business intelligence (BI) tool Zoho Reports is the best value for your BI suit.

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