Data Integration Services

Every organization have a vast range of their official information and data so, it’s difficult to store wide range of data in a single database. Hence, organization have to store their data at different places. To overcome with this issue data integration is the process which helps organizations to store their information from multiple databases in a single application.

Kanak’s data integration programme includes advanced data integration possibilities with flexible self-service access for business analytics. Our software of data integration offers the large range of database integration options available today allows you to provide direct access to data in operational systems, stage data in warehouses or marts, and allow dynamic drill through to detail data in real time.

Our software enables you to design your own structure to address the unique information needs of all your users. With the powerful tools software provides everything you need to develop an effective, yet economical strategy for accessing, storing, managing, and delivering all your enterprise information assets.

Affordable Enterprise Data Integration Services Solution

We simplify and automates the big data integration with GUI tools that generates the specific code which helps you and other users to access the stored databases from the same time.

Our data integration program delivers you high scale, fast memory data processing. We offer you the consolidated services like fastest speed with high quality, let anyone to access the data, can optimize the data performance in the cloud and last but not least saves your investments with a future proof architecture.

Data Integration with Pentaho

Data Integration using Pentaho enable you to take, clean and prepare data from any source. This is one of the wonderful tool easy to use to integrate the data. With the flexibility of visual tools Pentaho store all data and puts quality data at the fingertips of organization users.

Benefits of Integrating Data from "Pentaho"

It has a big library of pre-built components to access, prepare, and blend data from relational sources.

It has capabilities to coordinate and combine transformations, including notifications and alerts.

It has complete Graphical User Interface which makes it more flexible to use.

It has a low integration time and infrastructural cost as compared to other BI tools.

Virtually, it has unlimited visualizations and data sources and can handle any kind of data.

Pentaho takes lesser time to integrate data.

Use One Tool Pentaho For The Entire Data Integration

Prepare Your Organization Data for Analytics

From integration to Business Intelligence, from data warehousing to Big Data, from Master Data Management to Meta Data Management, each can be delivered through our cost effective and experienced Off-shore services!

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