POS Item Inventory Report

The POS Item Inventory Report module generates inventory reports for products in the Point of Sale. This module enables users to view the POS stock report of the products ordered during a POS session.

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POS Item Inventory Report

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POS Item Inventory Report module provides the product inventory report in Point of Sale. By using this module, User can check the POS stock report of the Product whom they order in POS Session.

Key Features

It Shows pos item inventory report in odoo.

User can apply date filter to show POS Item inventory report.

User can see POS item inventory report after closing the session and at the runtime at POS Session.

POS Settings

  • Navigate to POS and click on Configuration.
  • Open Settings and then select Inventory Management.
  • At the Session Closing- User can see the inventory report after closing the POS session.
  • In Real Time- See the Inventory Report at the runtime of POS session.

Point of Sale Configuration

  • Navigate to reporting and then click on Item Inventory Report.
Item Inventory Report

  • User can see the inventory report according to the date filter.

4th January, 2021

Latest Release 1.0

First version to release.

Here See Demo Video:-

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