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Kanak Calendar Appointment

Choose Team Members

You can choose any team member to book your appointment.


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See, how the apps works

1. Create Personalized Scheduling

In your team member can create own personalized scheduling page including recess time, available days in week.

2. Browse Appointment Calendar

you need to tell people to browse the calendar and book your appointment. Customer can choose date, time and completes booking form.


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3. View Appointment

The system can send them an email to both customer and team member. You can also reschedule or cancel an booked appointment.


What does means grey and blue colors

Grey color means that team member not available for you. Either his recess time, leave days, or booked some other customers.

Blue color times are clickable you can book appointment. Team member is avaiable for you for this time.

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Support International Time zone

With auto-detect features, your customers will automatically see dates and times that make sense for their location. We should take care of all the limitation of booking across borders and time zones.

Jump to Date

You can directly move to a specific date or date range for your bookings.

Navigate Dates

Customer can navigate next dates or previous dates.


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3 Simple Step to Book Appointment

Fill appointment form

Customer fill appointment, here are appointment date and time are mention in first row.

System send email

System send notification email to customer email address. Here are 2 option to modify reschedule and cancel booked appointment.


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Reschedule/cancel appointment

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Customer click on rescheduling link navigate to booking calendar page and reselect new date/time to book. customer can cancel appointment ling navigatr to confirm cancel page to cancel appointment.