Team is not just a list of members but it is the actual reflection of your company. Kanak Infosystems LLP. is a happy family only because of the gems it has accumulated over the past few years. Each & every member has been a contributor in it's progress in one or many ways.

Mr. H.L Bhasin


An artist who inculcated the fact of bringing up this small baby(Kanak Infosystems LLP.). He is the architect under whose guidance and surveillance this whole team operates.Though not involve directly but always have a role to play. Master in business excellence and a great human being.

Gaurav Bhasin

( CEO, Co-Founder )

A technocrat with more than 12+ years' of ex-perience in various facets of Software Develop-ment Cycle. A project planner with expertise in planning, executing and spearheading various software projects in compliance to quality stan-dards. Acquires a clear understanding of the industry, technology trends with distinction of instituting new practices to achieve business.

Mr. Ashvin Rathod

( CTO )

A young and enthusiastic personality who is ready to give more than 100%. Carryying on the experience and exposure of over 6+ years he is lending his knowledge amongst the team. He lays down the technical strategy with goal-setting and performance measures, keeps a vigil on production & quality.