Hire Odoo Developer

Hire Odoo (Open Source ERP) Developer

In modern times, technology is growing at a rapid pace, and so are the number of companies trying to capture a part of the market revenue. Due to the growth in the number of startups, there is also a growth in the demand for enterprise-wide solutions such as ERP and CRM applications. Hire Odoo Developer Now!

Odoo is one such open-source application that contains a variety of enterprise management application. Some areas that Odoo can easily streamline for your company are manufacturing, Finance and Accounting, Sale and Purchase, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource, Planning, Point of Sale, E-commerce, Project Management, and so much more. Apart from its basic modules, Odoo has more than 14,000 third party apps/plugins on its play store.

In the past, IT professionals who had either only technical skills or functional skills were enough. Today, however, companies require an individual that possesses both technical as well as functional skills (a.k.a. techno-functional professional). Therefore, it is important to hire Odoo Expert for proper development and implementation.

What our Dedicated Odoo Developer Do for You?

If you have decided to implement a customized Odoo solution in your organization, you know that it is important that the solution should be reliable, robust, error-free and secure. Creating and maintaining a full-fledged Enterprise system is very high quality as well as a high-risk task.

To be able to create customized applications that are easily scalable, it is crucial to hire professional Odoo Developer. It requires a professional to be highly skilled in Odoo Development, has deep knowledge of the tools, technologies, and methodologies of the system, as well as has the ability to handle and mitigate risks.

Therefore, it is always recommended to always hire Odoo Expert who has tons of experience as the future of your company lies in their hands. If you hire Odoo Specialist, they can help you build business integrations and apps that are best suited for the needs of your company.

Who We Are?

Kanak Infosystems LLP. is a leading Odoo development company and our team is filled with talented individuals who have a great experience with Odoo Development. Founded in 2012 and has over 7 years of industry experience, Kanak Infosystems LLP. has helped numerous companies in the past with successful Odoo Development projects.

We provide you with the best Open ERP Developer as well as the best Odoo ERP Techno Functionalist. We understand that time, security, budget, as well as protection of your data is very important to you. Therefore, when you hire Odoo Specialist from Kanak Infosystem LLP, you get assured great quality service from trained professionals.

Our Odoo Expert Team

Our Odoo Development team is trained to understand the business model of a company before offering a solution. After years of experience in the industry, we make sure to hire the very hard-working and talented individuals in our company.

After you start working with our Odoo Developer, you will see that our team is highly trained in all required Odoo Development skills such as: -

Understanding of Business Processes

Creation of Business Flow Models

Comprehensive knowledge of Odoo App Store

Knowledge of API and Frameworks

In Depth Python Knowledge

Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, and CSV


Testing and Debugging Odoo Implementations

Our Methodology

Our Odoo Expert team will help you and your company to plan and develop an open-source Odoo system without much friction and in a relatively short time. We do this by following a standard guideline as follows: -

Sketching the entire Business Process Flow Diagram

Providing a chart of the application that must be installed

Helping you develop and implement this technology in your company

Integrating it with your company’s existing workflow

Testing and debugging of the custom Odoo solution.

Our Expert Odoo Professionals can even edit, enhance, and customize existing source code as per your requirements.

Contact Us for The Following Odoo Services

Defining Odoo Implementation plans

Odoo Testing

Odoo Core Customization

Odoo Integration

Assistance on Complex Odoo configurations

Custom Odoo module development for new features

Upgrade to higher Odoo version

Odoo Development

Odoo Support

Odoo Module Development

Customization of any existing certified modules of Odoo

Hire Odoo Developer from Kanak Infosystems LLP. and get your custom Open ERP solution designed today!

Frequently Asked Questions


An expert team with developers ranging from mediocre to high level of expertise not only in odoo but overall.
Prompt support and personalised assistance
Domain expertise
Indepth understanding of the framework
The whole team follows the recommended coding standards and best practices
Secured work environment. We respect client privacy and it is of utmost importance for us.


A dedicated mind and good understanding on overall project
Backed by a team and a project manager
Responsibility and accountability is well set
Priority and preference
Replacement of resource in case not satisfied
Miscellaneous FAQ's


It is the client who pays for the dedicated resource who has the rights of source code ownership and reselling.


160 hrs. or 20 days in a month.


The resoures usually follow the timings of their workplace and holidays too..but we can make special arrangements to make the resource available for meetings, discussions sometimes in the non-working hrs. when it is urgently required General timings: 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m, IST (Monday through Friday)


We do provide resources for onsite but the cost of them is different and we can share the same through email contact only based on your requirements.


Yes, we have no problems in sigining the NDA and client secrecy and privacy is of high importance for us.


We can reserve the resource immediately upon payment confirmation and can start things.


We have no problems in using an hourly tracker like hubstaff, screenshotmonitor or any else as specified by the client.


We can use Skype, email, zoom or team viewer if at all required.


No, unfortunately we don't work using remote tools like team viewer but it is okay for demo or a session.


The payment for the resource is all upfront before start of the project.


We do no provide any test period for the resources but we can surely replace the resource if not liked upon by the client.


The decision has to be made within a week and we charge full payment for that week worked and refund the whole balance if the services are not at all liked.

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