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Library Management In Odoo

Library Management In Odoo

Library management system refers to a software-based system that is built and developed to manage all of a library’s internal functions. Acquiring stocks, managing the stock, maintaining the information on the members, and collecting and recording the membership fee, are some of the basic functions of Library Management.

A good  library management system should include the following functions:

1. Updated and Maintained details of stock- the system should have the criteria to add the details regarding new books, circulars, magazines, etc. These should be maintained periodically.

2. It should also be able to provide Unique Identification Numbers for the stock while providing Separate Identification Numbers for the members.

3. Another important function that it should have is the smart search option. The user should be able to search for the specific stock he is looking for.

4. Another and one of the most important functions for that system to have is the option to reserve a certain item. A member should be able to reserve his specific item through the user portal by using his identification number.


A library management system would help you manage all of the operations efficiently and would also be transparently available in your database.

To make your library management system easy, Kanak Infosystems LLP. has brought you a Library Management App for your Odoo databases. This app would make your management efficient and effortless.

Library Management System Odoo Module

Library Management In Odoo
Library Management In Odoo

Unique Features of our Library Management System:-

Book Master- This app would allow the librarian to add the books manually or through ISBN.

Role Management- The database would have two defined roles- Librarian ( all backend management) and Member (user portal rights).

Membership Management- Librarian would be able to create Paid Memberships as well as Free Memberships. Also, they can print the membership card.

  Inventory Management- this app would be closely integrated with Inventory management to automatically handle the stock when a book is issued or returned.

Member Portal- a member would be able to request the books available. If a book is not available, the member can add the reservation request for the same. They would also be able to check the status of their reservations and requests.

Reporting- The librarian would be able to print multiple book issue histories in pdf format. 

Emailer- The Librarian and the Members would be able to get email alerts.

You would be able to set a specific number of return days along with the fine amount if the book is not returned by the time. 

Library Management In Odoo

If you are a private library, you can validate the Paid Membership by configuring it in the settings. You can set the prices accordingly.

Library Management In Odoo

You can add a book Manually.

Library Management In Odoo

Or you can add the book by ISBN.

Library Management In Odoo

A library management system would help the members to easily issue a book while it would be easier for the librarians to maintain the records. This application, developed by Kanak Infosystems LLP. would be useful for Schools, Universities, and even Private Libraries or Office Libraries. 

If you wish to explore a Library Management System for your organization or institution, Book a demo with us now

Library Management System is a software-based system which is developed to manage and automate the housekeeping functions of a Library. It helps you in keeping track of the books, the staff, and the members of the library.