Odoo Customization & Implementation

Odoo Customization and Implementation

Odoo Open source ERP is a framework which lead off an enterprise's real growth potential by simplifying operational challenges and streamlining business workflows. Being an open source framework, it is very cost-effective open source and used by many users without any difficulty. And also, it does not need any license to use. This is very flexible to use as this is a modular software which entitle enterprises to add or delete modules as per project needs.

Our Odoo ERP system are specifically tailored and customized for the requirement of your industry, it not only addresses the current requirements of your company but it also provides you with the opportunity of continually improving and refining your business processes.

Most organizations across the world have realized that in a rapidly changing environment, it is impossible to create and maintain a pure custom designed software package which will cater to all their requirements and also be completely up-to-date.

Realizing this requirement of many organizations Kanak Infoystems offers its Enterprise Resource Planning software which will offer an integrated software solution to all the functions of an organization.

Odoo ERP Customization Follows Steps

Requirement Analysis

In general, this step includes understanding the client’s expectations from the required customization and striving to ensure that the Odoo customization is done efficiently to meet those requirements.

GAP Analysis

In this step, service providers and business personnel sit together to analyze the current scenario, expectations, and the gap. Then, it involves describing that gap with the best possible Odoo customization services based on the service provider’s potential and resources.

Prioritize Business Requirements

Prioritization is an essential step, which is usually based on the mission-critical issues of the business organization. It helps focus on the key requirements to be addressed via Odoo Customization.

Spot Existing Apps

This phase includes identifying if the customization can be managed completely or partially through existing Odoo applications.

Process Mapping

For faster delivery of processes and to identify bottlenecks, repetitions, and delays, we undertake process mapping. This helps us define process boundaries, process ownership, process responsibilities, and metrics.


As an acclaimed Odoo Customization Company, we believe in a proven methodology for all our Odoo customization projects. Daily and weekly planning of tasks, progress control, and re-evaluation are some of the essential processes to ensure robust customization.

Testing and Go-live

By testing our experts carry out to ensure that the custom development works as intended and goes smooth without interrupting anything else in the software. After everything is tested, the system will Go-Live.

Odoo Implementation

For an efficient ERP implementation, choosing the right technology with thorough documentation, commitment from stakeholders, effective communication, employee training is a must go.

Here, Odoo steps in to provide everything to implement robust business solutions, right from higher productivity to more data security and cost savings resources.

Odoo Delivers a Process-driven Approach that includes

Involvement At Every Step

Particularly, the team of experts in the field understands the value of developing, testing, and delivering ERP solutions. We involve business administrators and make them an integral part of the process to let them orient and guide the team towards meeting the organizational goals.

Slick Transition

In general, an acclaimed Odoo ERP implementation company keeps its focus to grasp and understand the various decisions taken through configuration and customization. Also, constant feedbacks from the stakeholders helps the service providers identify any gaps in the solutions as well.

Once done, we lead the client’s team through a series of demonstrations and support by providing necessary documentation for a smooth transition.


We understand the significance of proper planning when it comes to Odoo implementation. It shows great results when the execution phase arrives and that time consumption turns out to be judiciously beneficial.

Also, we follow a robust methodology for planning projects as a solution provider that reflects our client’s objectives and expectations. Moreover, ensuring that each member from the team is chosen based on their core areas of expertise helps us use the abilities to build a strong solution driver greater value and profitability.

A Brief on Our Odoo ERP Development Services

odoo customization

Odoo Customization

We will fullfill your business Needs with our expertise!

odoo integration

Odoo Integration

We offer out of the box solution to Integrate Odoo with 3rd party application!

odoo implementation

Odoo Implementation

We understand your businessRequirements! We customize the eachEach module to implement it in the wayyou want!

odoo migration

Odoo Migration

We provide data and code Migration
from your legacy system!

odoo training

Odoo Training

We provide Advance Technical and Functional training by our experts!

odoo support and maintenance

Odoo Support and Maintenance

We provide 24 X7 bug fixes and issue Resolving and version upgrade!

Odoo Features

Build stunning websites

  • Website
  • E-commerce
  • Blog
  • Forum

Boost your sales

  • CRM
  • Point of Sale
  • Sales
  • Subscriptions

Run your operations better

  • Project Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchase

Human Resource

  • Employees
  • Recruitment
  • Expenses
  • Appraisals

Boost Your Marketing

  • Email Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Expenses
  • Appraisals

Get control of your finances

  • Invoicing
  • Accounting


1.Why I Choose Partners Over Freelancers For Odoo Customization?

An official Odoo partner is exclusively specialized on keys like Odoo Consultancy, Odoo implementation, Odoo Customization, and Odoo Training as well. Moreover, these partners have authorized signatories having access to Enterprise Edition source code to provide quick resolutions to issues. Furthermore, one can avail of tailor-made solutions ensuring guaranteed delivery.

2.Why Kanakinfosystems For Odoo Customization?

Odoo customization solutions deliver a 360-degree view for managing and organizing the entire business operations efficiently. We provide extensive and guaranteed delivery of services in Odoo installation, implementation of customized modules, post-implementation support. It helps businesses conduct grass-root level business analysis to understand business workflows and needs.

3.How A Reliable Partner Can Fulfill Your Customization-Oriented Business Goals?

Connecting with an astute service provider partner can help ensure the functionality that fits in the business. Also, they are committed to taking care of business requirements and business workflow while implementing the customization. Furthermore, they ensure robust and highly scalable customizations to meet specific business needs.

4.How much does Odoo’s implementation cost?

It largely depends on the size of the business organization, including small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. Usually, it covers software license, number of users, renewal fees, training, customization, functionality, maintenance & upgrades.

5.How can I pick the best Odoo Implementation Partner?

You should choose a partner holding an impressive and successful history of Odoo ERP implementations. Partners deploying the right resources, a unique approach, and industry-leading practices for such an implementation can be your preferred choice.