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Odoo 16 Expected Features (Roadmap)

Odoo 16 Expected Features (Roadmap)

Odoo is one of the most dynamic and ever growing Platform. Since the day it was started way back in 2005 till now, it has covered quite a journey of its own. And I think it would be more than safe to say that it has been a fruitful and successful journey!

Over the years, Odoo has garnered a huge and loyal customer base. To provide its users with the best features and utmost efficiency , every year Odoo comes up with a better and upgraded version.

Now, with the onset of October 2022, Odoo is expected to launch its version 16. There have been many speculations regarding the same and there have been talks ongoing about the expected new features it’s going to come up with.

Performance has been the driving force for Odoo in this new and upcoming version and the existing modules will be getting a touch of new features as well. Now let us dive deep into the expected features and understand how they can enhance your businesses with much more efficiency.


Below Is A List Of Odoo 16's New Features:-

New And Enhanced Job Applications

You will be getting job applications right there in your odoo database. This would save you the extra cost of paying a third party application.

Enhanced job applications

Stress Days

A new feature would be added called Stress Days. This feature would help you prioritize your tasks on the busiest of days and it will also help you manage your employees’ leaves accordingly so that there won't be extra work pressure on anyone in the organization.

Stress Days

Enhanced VAT Readability

This feature would help in improved journal audit reporting at the end of the fiscal year.  

Enhanced VAT readability

Introduction Of The All New Knowledge Module

This module centralizes your organization’s information and best practices. This would the pivot of all the information sharing within the organization, like business processes, versions,

improvements, administrative instructions, informative articles, and much more. Additionally, team members would also be able to share important or miscellaneous information amongst each other and with colleagues from other departments.

Knowledge Module

Coupons, E-wallets And Promotions

In the all-new Odoo v16, the Coupons and Promotions have been unified and the user would be able to access both of them through Point-of-Sale, E-commerce or standard orders. Along With that, a new feature called the “E-Wallet” has also been added to the all-new Odoo.

Coupons, E-Wallets, Promotions

Accounting Module

With the support of new and improved features, the Accounting module of Odoo v16 is said to be way more efficient and user-friendly. The introduction of a new Credit Limit feature will help you manage the credit limit of your customers along with an alarm for reaching the maximum limit.

You would also be able to completely digitize your invoice with better management and accessibility.

An all new Widget for Reconciliation has also been added to the accounting module. With this, you would be able to quickly access the reconciliation process. This new feature has been designed specially to ease the management of the process.

Accounting Module

 Merger Of Subscriptions With Sales

As performance efficiency and better management was the driving force for this version of Odoo, Odoo makers have decided to merge the subscriptions with the sales order itself. Subscription management has become easier for users now.

Merger of subscription with sales

Improved Website Builder

With the improved website builder, users would be able to have much more access and control over the website's building blocks, which would make much more accurate customization possible. 

In the earlier versions of Odoo, the front end and the back end of the website were two separate identities, however, in the all new Odoo, the front and the backends have been merged for preserving a single interface giving much more customization options for the website.

The configurations can be done without reloading the page and will also give you way more accessibility to the website configuration options. Users will have more filtering and grouping elements to add to the webpage for simpler user management. 

Improved website builder

Inventory Module

Every user's beloved Inventory module is now provisioned with more tools and added features to ensure module’s efficiency in Inventory Management. The force backorder feature in operations and improved & updated shipping methods will give you more accessibility to inventory management.  

Automated batches in operation type internal transfer are one of the advantages of the module. The automatic batches feature will automatically create Batches based on settings on the operation types.

Automated batches
Replenishment Management

With the upgrades in the Replenishment management features of the module, you would be able to see the replenishment visibility days.

Also, there would be an option to choose the Create Backorder field of the operations type configuration in the Inventory module to make the order tracking more efficient. With the Create Backorder option, the user would be forced to choose rather than cancel the backorder option.

Create Backorder

The MRP Module

There is a new addition to this module, known as the Allocation reports for Manufacturing. If a link is created with a sales order, the customers would now be able to see the live status of their manufacturing order at every stage or in between from their personalized customer portal. This feature would allow customers to be fully educated about the manufacturing process of the product they have ordered and to develop a more intimate relationship with your organization.

HR And Sign Module

Odoo has updated its already existing and eco-friendly feature- sign. Well, in this new upgrade, a new option of Refuse to Sign has been added, which would give its users the liberty to choose.

Signature Request

With the introduction of the Approval Module, you can now decide the order and the sequence of the approvers to process the approval requests.

You can customize it based on the nature of your organization and individual employee grade management.


The all new Employee Module allows its users to perform analysis and statistics on their employees. Odoo can save and give out detailed data on that whole employee activity process for easy management and workflow monitoring.

The users would also have more accessibility to employee skills, and the reports on those skills will allow you to easily manage your employees and their tasks.

Employee Module

The Marketing Module

The good old Email Marketing gets much more efficient and user-friendly. With the new upgrades, you can now create new emails with the references from the mails you have previously saved. You would also be able to change the global attribute of the mail all at once. 

You would also be able to import the contacts and the mailing addresses for quick access. Other than that, new email templates, along with the added features, will provide the best email marketing experience for you.

Users would also be able to Retweet and Quote a tweet from the dashboard of their Social marketing module. This feature of the all new Odoo v16 will give you more accessibility to your Twitter business account.

Chatbot Enhancements

A chatbot has been integrated with the new Odoo v16, which would allow users to access information from the application server. An improved chatbot would also allow users to ask questions and plan a decision tree where they would be able to get solutions for their procedures.

Chatbot enhancement

Purchase Module

In the upgraded Odoo v16, the purchase module has better functionality than the previous versions had. ‘Call for Tender’ feature has been added in Odoo v16 for better purchasing.

You would be able to generate an alternate option for comparing with the original order. In such a case, you will get to have multiple options for a single purchase, and you will be able to choose the most suited option for your purchase.

A Plethora Of Emojis

Odoo v16 comes with a whole new and wide spectrum of emojis to make your live chats more lively and fun!

Plethora of emoji's

Introduction Of Dark Theme

Looks like everyone’s favorite Odoo gets rad with its all new Dark Theme.

Dark Theme

Looks like the all new Odoo v16 is definitely going to pump up your business and would become a fireball of ERPs.

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