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New Expected Features in Odoo 13

OpenErp or Odoo as we know it, stands for Open Enterprise & Resource Planning. It basically means that its source code is open to all. In this blog, we will discussed about odoo 13 new features.

Odoo was founded by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. It provides various built in useful modules like POS (Point of Sale), Accounting, Sales, Inventory, HR, Projects etc. to manage a complete business system. Apart from these internal modules, a large number of third-party modules are also available at Odoo App store for customization according to user preferences.

The latest version of Odoo to be released is Odoo version 13. From IOT integration to Odoo Bank there are lot of new changes to the Odoo system.So, let us see what are some of the updates & changes in Odoo 13.
First we’l l discuss the notable changes or updates of the Odoo 13 Community version which is free.

1.) E-Learning Module:

E-Learning Module

A new module is added to the Odoo 13 named E-learning. It is very useful module for creating courses on your website.User can add content and description for the course.User can also rate and add karma points on the basis of the course. It is overall a very useful addition to the Odoo 13.

E-Learning Module

2.) Skill Management Module:

Skill Management Module

This is also a new addition to the Odoo system. It is basically connected to the HR module of Odoo.

This module can be used to display the skills of an employee and ratings on the basis of the employee performance in that skill.

Skill Management Module

3.) Leaves renamed to Time-Off: The Leaves menu is now renamed to TimeOff in Odoo 13.

Skill Management Module

4.) Lunch Module UI is Redesigned:

Lunch Module UI is Redesigned

5.) Ribbon Widget: 
A new widget is added to the form view which looks very good.

Ribbon Widget

6.) Editing option added to the tree view.

A very useful menu is added to the tree views to display selected fields in the tree view.

The given below example is of tree views from sale orders & invoices.

Editing option added to the tree view


Editing option added to the tree view

7.) Coupon & Promotion Program added to the Community.

 Coupon & Promotion Program

Providing discounts & special coupons & promotion on your store is now easier because the enterprise exclusive- ‘Sales Coupons and Promotions Module’ is now available for Odoo community version in Odoo 13.

 Coupon & Promotion Program

8.) MRP Subcontracting: More often than not, companies outsource manufacturing of a part or parts of the product to achieve desired standards. The new feature in Odoo 13 introduces subcontracting for BOM.

MRP Subcontracting

9.) Website Form Builder: Another noticeable transfer is of the well known ‘website form builder’ module from enterprise to community which is very beneficial to the User.

Website Form Builder

10.) Extra Media to the Product: 

Extra Media to the Product

A new option to add Videos to the Product is also a very useful update. User can now add videos to the product on website. Providing information to such an extent would lead to better display of product.

Extra Media to the Product

11.) POS Categories Restriction: This feature can be used to restrict categories of a particular product in POS.

POS Categories Restriction

12.) Delivery Method renamed to Shipping Method in Sales.

Delivery Method renamed to Shipping Method in Sales

13.) Preview renamed to Customer Preview: A smart button is added at the top for the preview of the order to the customer.

Preview renamed to Customer Preview

14.) Forecasted Inventory: A new menu is added to the Reporting menu in Inventory which shows Inventory Forecasts.

Forecasted Inventory

15.) SMS Marketing Added.

SMS Marketing Added

16.) Generate Leads: A new button to request to Generate Lead is added to the CRM.

Generate Leads

17.) HR Payroll is removed from Community Version.

These were some of the Major Changes to the Community Version of Odoo 13.

Now we’ll discuss some of the changes in the Enterprise Version of Odoo 13.

The Enterprise version is a paid version of Odoo. There are some of the noticeable additions to this version in Odoo 13.

18.) Social Marketing Module:

Social Marketing Module

A new module for Social Marketing is added to the Enterprise version. Social networks are very important tool in today’s world for any business. This module is very useful in displaying Social Feeds from a various social media platforms to Odoo.

Social Marketing Module

19.) HR Payroll is now exclusive to Enterprise in Odoo 13.

HR Payroll

20.) Rental Module: A new module is added to manage Rental Orders.

Rental Module

21.) Field Service App is added.

Field Service App

22.) Referrals Module Added.

Referrals Module Added

23.) New updated UI for Lunch & Forum.

24.) Appraisal & Approval apps added for the Employees.

25.) Epson ePOS Printers in PoS app: Use Epson ePOS Printers without the IoT Box in the Point of Sale.

Epson ePOS Printers in PoS app

26.) POS Adyen Payment: Integrate your POS with an Adyen payment terminal.

POS Adyen Payment

27.) New Payment Gateways

-         PayuLatam Payment Acquirer

-         Alipay Payment Acquirer

-         Ingenico Payment Acquirer

28.) Product Grid Matrix View: Easy to Sale many items with multiple variants. it will available in the sale and purchase. 

Settings in products.

Product Grid Matrix View

Sale Order Display:

Sale Order Display

29.) Website Profile New Design: If Your User type is Public then everyone can see your profile like below and it’s good design.

Website Profile New Design

Website Profile New Design

30.) 'Buy Now' Button in Ecommerce: The 'Buy Now' button is one of the most awaited new features in Odoo 13. It takes you directly from the product page to the Checkout page with the product in the cart. 

'Buy Now' Button in Ecommerce

31.) Enable terms & conditions in Odoo eCommerce payment option.

Enable terms & conditions in Odoo eCommerce payment option

32.) Partner map view introduced for contacts in Enterprise.

Partner map view

33.) Search panel in Employee Kanban view, also add this feature in other modules via odoo framework.

Search panel in Employee Kanban view

34.) Grouped list views are now editable.

Grouped list views are now editable

After that select it will ask confirmation.

Grouped list views are now editable

After applying the changes, the view looks like this.

Grouped list views are now editable

35.) Calculator Widget: The new calculator widget in Odoo 13 works for line ids. For example, Prices can be calculated using calculator widget by performing arithmetic operations.

Calculator Widget

Along with the above features there are some other new features in the latest update.

The new version of odoo opens up some new opportunities for better customization for user, thus, making it more and more user friendly. If you want to migrate in odoo 13 or if you want some help related to odoo 13, then contact us: [email protected]

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